A list of some Longman & Broderip square pianos and their serial numbers
If you have a Longman and Broderip square piano, please send us the details of serial number, date, compass and any other information you can add as hand stops, pedals, photos, etc. that you think are original, so we can have a database of this make.

​There was one serial Number series for five octave instruments which ran to over 4000, and a second series for five and a half octave pianos which ran from approx1795 to 1798 and a serial no of approx 900. Some pianos do not have a serial number.

First Series:

No 289 is dated 1785 (?)

No 361 is signed "John Geib Fecit 1785" under the soundboard

No 1049 is dated 23rd Aug 1787

No 1072 is dated 1787

No 1134 is signed by Geib 1787

No 1816 is 5 octaves and thought to be made around 1789. Private collector, UK.

No 2386 is signed "Geib and Goldsworth 1791

No 2416 is dateable to 1789 by invoice Burghley House...??

No 2707 is datable to 1 Sept 1792 by Invoice

Second Series:

No 291 is dated 1796 (6 Octave!)

No 306 is dated 1796

No 430 is dated 1796

No 470 is dated 1796