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Seccotine Glue

A reversible adhesive ideal for any restoration project, especially for wood bonding. Some of its benefits include:

  • convenient setting time, compared to hot animal glue which gives only seconds to clamp it

  • High bonding strength, comparable to hot animal glue

  • Fully reversible in wood and most organic materials

  • Water based, easy to clean

  • No expiry date

  • Non toxic

  • Non irritating to skin or eyes

  • Non flammable

  • Does not foster fungi or bacteria

  • Easily absorbed by organic porous materials like wood and fabrics

  • Higher tensile strength than most soft and hard woods (around 22MPa or 3200 psi)

  • Elasticity similar to wood but anisotropic

Seccotine is available in different quantities. Please check the Shop page to see them or make your enquiries to:

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