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Open wound strings for square pianos £17.50
Close wound strings for square pianos £18.60
Close wounds strings for grand fortepianos £19.50
Plain brass string £7.50
Plain iron string £6.00

Calculation of string gauges for a full instrument £84.00
Custom hand-made wrest pins in iron £4.50 per pin
Seccotine glue £10.00 for 100 ml, £30 for 500 ml

Please see more information on our section Strings.
All orders (except string calculations) will have addedd a sum for postage and packing. String calculations will be sent in a Word file (.docx).
Please state the eyes length, which is commonly between 20 and 50 mm. The earliest the piano, the shorter the eye, normally.

For whole sets of bass and plain strings, I can offer free of charge spare strings. I have not seen any problem to send strings to the continent due to Brexit, but you may have to pay some taxes.

If you have to send old strings to copy them from North America, be aware that if you declare a value on them for insurance purposes, I will be charged an import tax, which will have to be charged to you subsequently.

Payments can be made through PayPal (we will add the 5% comission that they charge) or WISE (similar to PayPal but no commission so far) or bank transfer. Bank transfers from North America may require an extra comission of 5% (and they will charge a big commission to you), so we strongly recommend using WISE or PayPal. Please send your enquiries for your orders to:

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